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8(a) certification Package Service

The 12 Benefits of an 8a Certification

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8a/ SDB Statistics

Year  8(a) Revenue  Number of Firms  Federal Revenue Per Firm 
2013 $30.7 billion 7,436  $4,128,563 
2012  $32.4 billion 7,827 $4,139,517
2011 $32.4 billion 8,751 $3,702,434


Fee: $3,975.00

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The 8a Certification Package is the most popular service that ez8a offers. Our experienced team of 8a certification specialists will build the profile from which we will work to assemble your 8a certification application. This package shifts the work from you to our 8a team. When potential clients call, they have two major questions regarding an SBA 8a application. How long will it take? And, will I get 8a certified? The length of time it takes to assemble an 8a application depends as much on the client as it does on ez8a. Ez8a can prepare your 8a application just about as fast as you can get us the documentation we need to get your business 8a certified. Once assembled and mailed your 8a application is in the hands of the SBA. As far as your chances of being 8a certified, ez8a does everything possible to screen out problem applicants before we ever ask you for any payment or a single 8a application document.

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Caucasian women should review the following template before applying for the 8(a) certification. The template is designed to help a Caucasian woman make a determination if her past history will support a social disadvantage narrative that will pass the SBA’s more rigorous test of non-presumed socially disadvantaged group applications. If this situation is applicable to you we recommend that you review the template and if you have any specific questions feel free to give us a call.


Package Details
Our 8(a) Certification Package includes the following:
We do an extensive initial interview. We ask you over a hundred questions to make sure we do not waste your time or energy on a project we do not believe will succeed.
We will send you a checklist of the items that we need from you for the package. This will be a list of all the enclosures needed.
We have a team of professionals who will work on your package immediately upon submission to us. Once you receive the checklist of items we are ready to go.
We will very thoroughly inspect every item you submit for any potential problems. The SBA is very detailed in their inspection, so are we.
We will communicate with you (by e-mail and phone) all the way through the 8a application process so you always know how your application is progressing.
A professional writer will interview you and prepare the economically and socially disadvantaged narrative(s) that are such a critical part of your application.
We will do the entire application, double-checking everything to be sure it meets all SBA guidelines and we will assemble the entire package (usually 3-4 inches thick) in a binder with a table of contents, tabs for every 8a application section and an cover letter.
Finally, we will clearly mark all the places in the 8a application where your signature is needed and will send the completed package so you can sign and forward it to the SBA.
When we send it, your 8a certification application is ready for the SBA.
Additional Package Services
If the business entity has multiple owners who are claiming disadvantaged status when applying for 8(a) certification an additional set of narratives are required by the SBA.
plus Economic Narrative Service

As part of the 8(a) Certification Package, there is one economically disadvantaged narrative required for each applicant. If your application is for more than one person, each additional person will need a narrative. The fee is $900.00 per additional 8a applicant.

Fee: $900.00

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plus Social Narrative Service
plus Two Year Waiver Service
plus Affiliated Entity
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Anyone can be 8(a) certified. Use our Pre-Qualification Tool to learn how.
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