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8a Focused Assistance & Package Review

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This package is for those clients that have the available time and/or specialized expertise to generate and audit the majority of the documents that comprise an 8a application. This service is selected by approximately 8% of our 8a clients and is the low cost alternative to our full-support package.

Almost every client will use and greatly benefit from the three (3) hours of general consultation services that are included in this package. These hours can be applied to any area of the application to include the development and finalized socio-economic narrative. *additional hours of consultation can be purchased at a flat rate fee of $99.00 per hour.

When the client has finished assembling their 8a application, it is sent to ez8a for a comprehensive review. Our Senior Analyst, with over 20+ experience with 8a applications, leads the review process. From there select portions are reviewed by our licensed CPA. Our Senior Partner, Mark Ryan, then consolidates the list of recommended actions that should be performed prior to formal submission of the application to the SBA. It is typical that we discover around 35 issues in an application, with 2-3 of them being application killer type issues. We are also able to review the package a second time if needed, based on the number of corrections that were recommended.
Note: *The time undertaken by ez8a in the support of this package is between 14-17 hours.
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