AIT / ANC 8a applications

AIT/ANC 8(a) applications

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When we work with an American Indian Tribe (AIT)/Alaskan Native Corporation (ANC) 8(a) application, we are completing a lot of the same items as in a standard 8(a) application as well as some additional items because of the uniqueness of the tribal or ANC application.

The areas of a standard 8(a) application that overlap include:


  • Responding to requests from the SBA's Reviewing Official (our staff dedicates 70- 85 hours to a standard application);
  • Interview and assistance with drafts and edits of the economically disadvantaged and socially disadvantaged qualifications and narrative(s) as needed;
  • Providing strategic short and long-term guidance;
  • Pre-filling and editing forms and templates needed in the process;
  • Explaining and resolving critical elements of eligibility discovered while combing through the submission documents;
  • Performing thorough reviews of every document and audit of all financial statements to identify and correct any potential problems (since the SBA is very detailed in their assessment, we are as well);
  • Final assembly of application, double-checking everything to be sure it meets all SBA guidelines;
  • Formatting in a binder with a table of contents and, tabs for every 8(a) application section and cover letters.

Some of the additional items for tribal and ANC applicants include:

  • Working to establish the evidence of Social Disadvantage, this is usually done by showing the tribe/ANC is recognized by a state or the federal government.
  • Working on establishing the evidence of Economic Disadvantage which involves:
  • Number of tribal members
  • The present tribal unemployment rate
  • Per capita income of tribal members
  • Percentage of local Indian population below the poverty level
  • Tribe’s access to capital
  • Tribal assets
  • List of wholly or partially owned tribal enterprises or affiliates
  • Working with each Board of Director Member for the tribe/ANC (Ez8a will assist in completing for each director)
  • SBA Form 1010 IND
  • SBA Form 912
  • Tribal Card
  • Resume
  • Information on any businesses owned by member
  • We will review Articles and Charters for the Sovereign Immunity Language or a “Sue and Be Sued” clause which designates U.S. federal courts to be among the courts of competent jurisdiction for all matters relating to SBA’s program. If the language is not there, ez8a will assist in amending the versions with the correct language.
  • We will work to establish that the individual(s) managing and controlling the day to day business operations have substantial technical and management experience.
  • Creating the written commitment from the tribe/ANC to support the operations of the applicant concern and show that it has the financial ability to do so.

Ez8a also completes NHO and CDC owned 8(a) applications. Similar to the AIT/ANC applications the NHO and CDC applications have their own set of forms and requirements. For assistance with an NHO or CDC owned application please call us.

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