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Alaska Native Corporation (ANC)/Tribally-Owned Companies

Small Business ANC and Tribally-Owned Certifications

Ez8a is an expert on the many federal programs available to provide designated small businesses with marketing preference. We have extensive experience in the complex application process for the following ANC and tribal certifications:
  • SBA 8(a) Business Development Program
  • All Small Mentor- Protégé Program/Joint Ventures
  • HUBZone Program Empowerment Contracting Program
During the engagement ez8a provides guidance to our clients as part of our process:
  • 8(a) program annual renewals for ANCs and tribes
  • 8(a) program strategy, evaluation, and recommendations for ANCs and tribes
  • 8(a) program benefits, regulations, and compliance for ANCs and tribes
  • Procurement advantages
  • Board of Directors and staff training

Strategic Planning

Ez8a helps ANC and tribally-owned companies expand their business holdings. These expansions generally occur through either acquisitions or new startups. During the period when the new business segment is being added we will work with the ANC or Tribe to obtain 8(a) certification and/or HUBZone certification for the new entity to increase federal marketing reach. We have expert knowledge in all related regulations, especially as they pertain to ANCs and Tribes, and can assist entities with multiple subsidiaries.
We can also assist with supporting ongoing 8(a) certifications compliance with regard to 8(a) maintenance, compliance and ownership change.

Joint Ventures for 8(a) Program

Ez8a guides companies who are interested in forming an SBA-approved 8(a) joint venture (JV). We assist you with eligibility analysis and prepare the Joint Venture package for SBA approval. Ez8a will also assist your new JV in getting registered with all applicable online federal websites to meet federal contracting guidelines.
Ez8a can assist your company in obtaining 8(a) certification from the SBA. We’ve developed close working relationships with SBA personnel, and we stay abreast of new updates and changes to SBA’s programs and regulations so that clients receive the most current guidance and compliance support. Once you receive your certification, our clients also benefit from our expertise in completing SBA’s annual 8(a) recertification package including preparing your SBA business plan and all other reporting requirements. We assist our clients in strategic planning when operating multiple subsidiaries, compliance consulting/training, joint venture/teaming arrangement consulting, and we can guide you through any ownership or name changes your business may consider.

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