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For the company that is pending or has just been, accepted into the 8(a) Business Development program by the SBA, the focus quickly shifts to realizing the benefits of certification. Typically, the best new business opportunities for newly certified 8(a) construction companies are found in three places.
  1. Registration and identification of subcontracting opportunities with prime contractors who have won and are performing on a federal contract that requires the unitization of small business as subs; Details
  2. Identification of partnering/teaming arrangements, ideally with experienced 8(a) program contractors who are pending or have recently graduated from the 8(a) program; Details
  3. Engaging directly with those offices that have a need for your capability is a proven method to market your construction capabilities. The available information usually centers this engagement with those persons soliciting and awarding the contracts. Details
*Includes Government Marketing Level II, "Building your Marketing Plan." You will be partnered with an Ez8a partner who will work with you to build your marketing plan, which will maximize the utility of the above products.
ImageTo help you achieve success, we have combined these needs into one integrated product focused on the needs of companies in the construction industry. The registrations and reports that we provide can greatly accelerate your company’s revenue growth as a direct result of having earned 8(a) program certification. Additional information along with samples is provided below the fee information.
8(a) Construction BD : $2,100.00 Buy Now
8(a) Construction BD w/ 8(a) (combined w/ 8(a) Application) : $1,750.00 Buy Now

Details for listed products

  1. Prime Subcontractor Registration and Opportunities. This service covers two important areas: A) Identification and registration with those prime contractors who have won recent Federal contracts that require the subcontracting of work to qualified small businesses, and B) the identification of subcontracting opportunities that have been advertised on the SBA's SubNet system.
Time – Having the 1010c completed before your initial meeting with your SBA representative in most cases will decrease the time delay having your certification become active by 1- 3 months.

8(a) Objectives – a professional completing your 1010c will make sure your business objectives and goals are formulated to the SBA to provide additional protection from early graduation.

A) Prime Subcontractor Registration. Specific to your geographic service support area, we will online register your business with the TOP 25 federal construction contractors (TOP 25 based upon the total number of federal contracts that have been won by the company in the last 2 years). Note: This is a heavy data entry function that is done manually. Federal construction contracts that exceed $1,000,000.00 almost always direct that 23%, or more, of the work is subcontracted with small businesses. Very often individual targets are included to direct work to 8(a) program companies (often 5% of the total contract value). Your registration report will show which companies you have been registered to do business with AND it will contain your company's username and password information. It will also include the contact details for the company’s small business development/coordination office as well as the names of the federal agencies/site offices that they are currently or have recently supported.


Company Log-in URL Company Identification Password Federal Spending Defense Civilian
Bechtel Group Inc. www.XXX Your ID Your PW 6,285,289,023 2,491,563,654 3,793,725,369
KBR Inc. www.XXX Your ID Your PW 4,646,141,400 4,639,347,511 6,766,858
Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. www.XXX Your ID Your PW 2,435,203,853 1,251,759,456 1,183,471,321
Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. www.XXX Your ID Your PW 1,647,223,254 1,419,303,204 227,920,040
Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. www.XXX Your ID Your PW 1,209,750,264 670,052,816 539,697,440
B) SubNet Subcontracting Opportunities. The Small Business Administration maintains the SubNet database, which lists those subcontracting solicitations and opportunities that have been posted by large prime contractors and non-federal agencies. On a typical day, 20- 25 construction industry “interested parties” listings are posted to the system. Ez8a will provide you will a list of all the opportunities posted to the system within the last 60 days for your state(s) of performance (for up to three states).

2) Joint Venture (aka Partnering/Teaming) Prospect Report. Specific to your geographic service support area, the report will list all 8(a) construction firms that are within 3 years of the 9 year graduation period or have graduated in the past year. These companies are excellent candidates with whom to partner based on their 8(a) program experience. They have usually developed valuable relationships with the agency end-users and contracting offices.
  • Contractor name, full address, contact name and phone number.
  • How many years certified as 8(a) (between 7- 9 years) and graduation date.
  • Total sales made to the federal government.
  • Contractor’s capabilities narrative.


Note: Ez8a also assists with joint ventures (aka teaming/partnering), including negotiation and drafting the operating agreement, and writing and assembly of the package to SBA to request approval.
3) Government Engagement/Direct Marketing to the Government - Construction requirements are unique; they require engineering design and quality assurance expertise as well as understanding of Bacon-Davis Act regulations. Accordingly, most agencies have contracting offices that exclusively perform construction contracting. Based upon your coverage region, we will provide you with up to five site office reports. These reports contain the phone numbers and email addresses of the contracting officers who have solicited and awarded construction contracts within the past 2 years.


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