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Federal Contracting Vehicles

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There are several reasons firms doing business with the federal government seek to possess multiple contracting vehicles. The most common reason they need different contracting vehicles is because government agencies use different vehicles to avoid having to use FBO.gov. FBO.gov is the slowest and most work intensive method for contracting officers, so they do anything they can to avoid it (in contracting officer speak, its “too noisy”). Therefore every agency has different vehicles they use to avoid FBO.gov. If your firm is not on their respective vehicle and/or does not have the vehicle that an agency is using, your firm will have a challenging time contracting with that agency. In one recent search, our firm counted over ten contracting vehicles that agencies were using for IT services. During an entirely different search, we found where one agency (the GSA) was using five different vehicles to purchase the same material for different parts of the country, as each region had a different vehicle it prefers. Below is a listing of some common vehicles for your review.
Federal Contracting Vehicle Federal Annual Spending Number of Vendors Enrollment
GSA Schedule
VA Federal Supply
GSA & VA Combined
$30-40 Billion
$20-30 Billion
$55-65 Billion
19,000 Open
Alliant SB - IT $4.3 Billion 250 2-3 Years (short window)
8a Stars (2) - IT $3.5 Billion 800 2-3 Years (short window must be 8a certified at the time of enrollment)
VETS - IT $1.8 Billion 200 2-3 Years (short window must be SDVOSB at the time of enrollment)
Seaport E $5.3 Billion 3,800 2-3 Years (short window)
DoD Emall $1+ Billion 1,000 2-3 Years (short window)
NASA SEWP $2.5 Billion 80+ 2-3 Years (short window)
IDIQs Agencies and a group of agencies can go together to form IDIQs for a variety of reasons. It could be for IT, janitorial, construction, facilities management, engineering, architectural or for other reasons. These buckets range from several million to billions of dollars. In some instances a firm could be the only one on an IDIQ with the capability of servicing a particular region of the county.
Additional Large GWACS and IDIQs
Army – Chess
DHS – Eagle II
BPAs – Many of which are through GSA but I think any agency can issue them, these blanket purchase agreements which are handled in a similar way to IDIQs

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