FEDMALL – Expand your GSA Schedule with New FEDMALL!

FedMall – Expand your GSA Schedule with New FedMall!

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FedMall was developed by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and is the federal military procurement program that replaces EMALL (as of June 2017) which served the Department of Defense for the last 30 years. A major difference between the old EMALL and the new FedMall is that now firms can undertake a transfer process to migrate their GSA Schedule into FedMall. This then provides a large additional selling channel into DoD Agencies (Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines). This is because FedMall is designed to provide additional security via either PGP encryption, cXML, or in some cases an Electronic Data Interchange and, therefore, a CA Certificate is required.
Reasons for Undertaking this Change:
  1. FedMall makes purchases easier for federal buyers by allowing for real-time data-driven decisions for federal buyers.
  2. The Department of Defense is the largest buyer of commercial products of any federal agency.
  3. DoD buyers in many cases are limited to the use of FedMall and, therefore, adding this channel increases federal selling opportunities.
  4. FedMall has future plans to expand its availability to state and local governments as well. This will create a market potential of over 90,000 additional government bodies.
  5. FedMall will allow in the near future sales up to the amount of the Simplified Acquisition Threshold. Currently this amount is $150,000.
  6. FedMall will always allow for sales under the micro purchase threshold of $3,500.
  7. There are millions of items already listed on FedMall.
Requirements for FedMall:


  1. Active Sam Registration
  2. CAGE Code
  3. DoD valid authentication certificate such as CAC card, PIV card, or soft certificate prior to registration with FEDMALL.
  4. A long-term government contract such as a Term Agreement (LTA), Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA), GSA Schedule, or DLA contract. (No prior contract is required for office supplies.)
GSA Schedules Eligible for FedMall Migration
Schedule Description
36 The Office, Image and Document Solution
51V Hardware Superstore
56 Building and Building Materials/Industrial Services and Supplies
58I Professional Audio/Video Telemetry/Tracking, Recording/Reproducing and Signal Data Solutions.
65 II A Medical Equipment and Supplies
65 II C Dental Equipment and Supplies
65 VII X-Ray Equipment and Supplies
66 Scientific Equipment
67 Photographic Equipment – Cameras, Photographic, Printers and Related Supplies & Services (Digital and Film Based)
70 General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software and Services
71 Furniture
73 Food Service, Hospitality, Cleaning Equipment and Supplies, Chemicals and Services
75 Office Products/Supplies and Services and New Products/Technology
76 Public Media
78 Sports, Promotional, Outdoor, Recreation, Trophies, and Sign (Sports)
81 I B Shipping, Packaging and Packing Supplies
84 Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facilities Management, Fire, Rescue, Clothing, Marine Craft, and Emergency/ Disaster Response
Our FedMall service involves getting your products onto FedMall. If we are transitioning products from your GSA schedule and you have your products spreadsheet up to date, our rates are:
Cost Items Included
$450 100 items
$0.05/item 101– 999
$0.02/item 1000 and up
If you are transitioning your products from an LTA, BPA, or DLA contract, please contact us so we can review your source material and determine a cost for the service.

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