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HUBZone Renewal

Re-certification is required upon notification by the SBA. This generally occurs close to the 3 year anniversary date of original certification (or recertification). The SBA will send an email notification 30 calendar days prior to the firm’s anniversary date. Upon receipt of the recertification action notice from the SBA, 60 calendar days are provided to the company to recertify or to voluntarily withdraw from the program. Failure to submit the recertification documents within 60 days will result in decertification (must be avoided if company is performing on HUBZone contracts).

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HUBZone Renewal Exam/ Audit

ImageThe HUBZone Exam is initiated by the SBA and then the firm must prove to the SBA the firm remains HUBZone eligible. This occurs after the firm has complied with the HUBZone renewal. Upon receipt of the Renewal Exam/Audit, the firm is provided 15 calendar days for the firm to produce the necessary documentation to prove continued HUBZone eligibility. Failure to submit the recertification documents within 15 days will result in decertification (must be avoided if company is performing on HUBZone contracts). The audit process requires the full range of documentation needed to verify that the company currently meets all of the eligibility requirements. Ez8a will request documents from its clients as well as provide templates as needed. We will also review every document thoroughly to be certain it is appropriate and will support the application. There is also a notarized recertification form used to attest the company’s compliance.

Similar to the initial application process, the documents are uploaded to the SBA’s GLS system along with hardcopies send via USPS. Generally, the SBA will complete its review of the new documents and issue the updated HubZone certification within 30 days.

HubZone Renewal Audit Fee: $1,200.00 Buy Now


It is essential that all the mandatory documents have been updated as well as those documents that are business-type-specific or only required when certain changes have been made to the company’s ownership, etc. Documents include:



  • Copies of the company’s and majority owner’s most recent Federal Business Tax Returns (to include all schedules and statements). Used to assess potential affiliations and business size.
  • Lease/Deed/Rental Agreement and other documents to determine principle office.
  • Payroll Records and copies of W-2s and/or 1099s for every Owner, Officer, or Director who received compensation from the company during the last years and other documents to verify HubZone residency.
  • Various corporate and ownership documents. Wide array of documents to determine/validate ownership and control.

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