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An excellent method to gain expertise, which includes learning technical details of an agency’s services, developing business relationships with key agency personnel, general proposal writing, and government business expertise, is to partner with a company that has been successful during their time in the SBA’s Business Development program (8a program).

We identify successful companies that are within 2 to 3 years of the 9 year graduation period, or are recent graduates of the program. These companies typically have specialized knowledge about an agency’s systems and services as well as subject matter expertise with their operating practices. They have also developed valuable relationships with the agency end-users.

Note: Ez8a also assists with joint ventures (aka teaming/partnering), including negotiation and drafting the operating agreement as well as writing and assembling the SBA approval request package.

Joint Venture Candidate Report

Our report will provide you with the key information that you need to initiate the engagement with the successful 8(a) company. We provide you with company business information (company name,

Image contact details for the business owner or designated point of contact, and their SAM socioeconomic information) and the last 4 fiscal years of government sales data that includes details for all awards made during the current fiscal year (the report will contain up to 35 companies). The report also includes training material to assist in your engagement plan.


Subcontracting Opportunities

Fee: $1,200.00

Up to 30 Federal Contractors; $20 for each additional contractor

Joint Venture Opportunities

Fee: $600.00

Up to 35 company’s; $5 for each additional company

Business Development Package with Subcontracting & Joint Venture Opportunities

Fee: $2,100.00

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