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Benefits of becoming a Minority Business Enterprise include:

  • Greater than seventy percent of MBEs confirm an increase in revenue as a result of access to government and large corporate partners.
  • Referrals to local, regional and national member corporations through MBE corporate match-making events in your city or area.
  • Exposure to large national and regional companies as well as the opportunity to register as a preferred vendor with large businesses.
  • Connection with corporate buyers.
  • Participation in education programs and workshops to assist in personal and professional growth.

MBE Certification

From the drop-down list below, you can determine what certification is used by your state as an MBE and the cost for us to complete the application. This fee does not include any filing fees.

Alabama AL MBE $1,800
Alaska AK NMSDC $1,800
Arizona AZ NMSDC $1,800
Arkansas AR MBE $1,800
California CA NMSDC or CPUC $1,800
Colorado CO NMSDC $1,800
Connecticut CT MBE $1,800
Delaware DE MBE $1,800
District of Columbia DC CBE $2,800
Florida FL MBE $1,800
Georgia GA DBE $2,800
Hawaii HI NMSDC $1,800
Idaho ID NMSDC $1,800
Illinois IL MBE $1,800
Indiana IN MBE $1,800
Iowa IA MBE $1,800
Kansas KS DBE $2,800
Kentucky KY MBE $1,800
Louisiana LA NMSDC $1,800
Maine ME NMSDC $1,800
Maryland MD DBE $2,800
Massachusetts MA DBE $2,800
Michigan MI NMSDC $1,800
Minnesota MN DBE $2,800
Mississippi MS MBE $1,800
Missouri MO MBE $1,800
Montana MT NMSDC $1,800
Nebraska NE NMSDC $1,800
Nevada NV NMSDC $1,800
New Hampshire NH NMSDC $1,800
New Jersey NJ MBE $1,800
New Mexico NM NMSDC $1,800
New York NY DBE $1,800
North Carolina NC DBE $2,800
North Dakota ND NMSDC $1,800
Ohio OH MBE $1,800
Oklahoma OK NMSDC $1,800
Oregon OR MBE $1,800
Pennsylvania PA NMSDC $1,800
Rhode Island RI DBE $2,800
South Carolina SC MBE $1,800
South Dakota SD NMSDC $1,800
Tennessee TN MBE $1,800
Texas TX HUB $1,800
Utah UT NMSDC $1,800
Vermont VT NMSDC $1,800
Virginia VA SWAM $1,800
Washington WA MBE $1,800
West Virginia WV MBE $1,800
Wisconsin WI MBE $1,800
Wyoming WY NMSDC $1,800


The general requirements for states that have their own individual Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) program are the following:

Ownership & Control At least 51% of the enterprise must be owned and controlled by a designated minority.
Qualifying Owner’s Personal Net Worth Limit Net worth requirements vary depending upon each state.
Size Standards Vary State by State (see below)
Type of Business Any for-profit business that is independent working as either a primary or subcontractor.
Type of Contract per contract basis, varying degree of advantage given
Who can apply African American, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Asian Pacific Islander Americans, and Subcontinent Asian Americans.
On-site Inspection Required for most in-state located firms
Years in business required to apply Many states the business must only be active, other states have one and 2-year requirements.
Franchise Eligibility Franchises are ineligible for this program


Our MBE/WBE Certification Package includes the following:


  • Initial interview to lay out the strategy and game plan for your MBE application. A length, 1 hour plus interview process will make sure your firm is ready to apply and that your application will be a success before we begin.
  • A detailed document checklist is created and sent to the client. This will be a list of all the enclosures needed to complete the MBE application.
  • An analyst will compile and complete on your MBE package upon submission to our firm.
  • We review all documentation submitted for potential errors, omissions and issues. The state governments place a high level of scrutiny on MBE application and therefore review all documents as if we were the certifying body.
  • We will communicate with you (by email and phone) all the way through the MBE application process ensuring we are staying on the critical path for application completion.
  • An analyst will interview you and prepare the economically and socially disadvantaged narrative(s) that are a critical piece of your MBE application.
  • We will do the entire application, double-checking everything to be sure it meets all state guidelines and we will assemble the entire package (usually 300- 500 pages) in a binder with a table of contents.
  • Finally, we will tab all the places in the MBE where your signature is required and we will send the completed package to you so that you can sign and forward it to the reviewing body.
  • When we send a completed MBE application to a client it is ready for the state to review.
Fee: $1,800.00 Buy Now

*Only $1000 when combined with 8(a) Certification

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