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Overview – About Marketing Services

In August 2013, American Express reported in its survey of small business owners who are active federal contractors had invested $128 thousand, spent 2.9 years with 5.6 unsuccessful bids prior to winning their first large government contract ($150K). Advance GSA can provide you with information and recommendations to greatly decrease your investment and the amount of time before you win your first award.

Image Ez8a has successfully worked to get hundreds of its clients 8(a) program, WOSB, SDVOSB, and HubZone certified. These certifications open up a whole new range of opportunities to compete within the federal marketplace. Ez8a can assist you to get an immediate return on your investment. We have developed tailored services to provide the clients with the essential knowledge and expertise required to greatly accelerate your road to federal sales success.

Win from the Start

For the company that is pending, or has just been accepted into the 8(a) Business Development program by the SBA, the focus quickly shifts to realizing the benefits of the certification. Typically, the best new business opportunities for newly 8(a) certified companies (or HubZone, WOSB/EDWOSB, and Vet/SDVOSB companies) are found in three places.
  1. Subcontracting Opportunities (with prime contractors): who have won and are performing on federal contracts that require the utilization of small business as subs;
  2. Joint Venture Opportunities: ideally with experienced 8(a) Program contractors who are pending or have recently graduated from the (8)a program; and
  3. Direct Government Engagement: Engaging directly with those offices that have a need for your capability is a proven method to market your company’s services. The available information usually centers this engagement with those persons soliciting and awarding the contracts.
*The Business Development Package, which integrates the above three services, includes Government Marketing Level II, “Building your Marketing Plan”. You will be partnered with an ez8a partner (Partners link) who will work with you to build your marketing plan, which will maximize the utility of the above products.
Here is a simple way to help you navigate, identify opportunities that fit with your marketing strategy, and win the contract.

SAM.gov's contract opportunities will help you catch up or move ahead

Here is a simple way to help you navigate, identify opportunities that fit with your marketing strategy, and win the contract.



Additional Marketing Support Services



Other core components to generating government sales include possessing a comprehensive understanding of the government marketplace (specific to your product or service), the ability to identify and evaluate opportunities, and the expertise to submit bids/proposals. Our services specific to these functions are available at Competitive Analysis Report and General Consultation Services.

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