Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our business is providing you with the best possible 8(a) certification services possible. Therefore, while we collect information from you from time to time, we don’t sell it nor do we give it away. When we collect information from you, including email and phone information, it is so that we can have direct communication with you.

Any newsletter or solicitation we send to you will have a prominent unsubscribe link so that you can easily opt-out of future mailings. All unsubscribe requests will be honored to the best of our abilities.

We do link to external websites and try to provide links to reputable businesses, organizations, and government agencies. If you share your information with them make sure you have read and understand the privacy policy of that site.


The information presented on the website is the result of the opinions and experience of its authors. The information is the combined opinion of the members of and is not intended to be viewed as endorsed by or agreed to by any other company, organization, or government agency. The information is intended to be accurate and relevant to the subject matter covered.

The information and advice provided to individuals and companies who purchase services from will be done in accordance with the agreements that the client and ez8a sign. The service is not intended replace the services of the clients other business suppliers and/or employees on matters related to the fiscal and legal decisions the client makes. provides no warranty, explicit nor implied, as to the completeness of the information at any specific time and disclaims all liability for the financial or legal ramifications to the viewer or client as a result of their use of the content or advice.

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