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SBA Program Small Business Administration

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is the part of the federal government in charge of helping small women and minority owned businesses compete against their larger counterparts. Most people know about the loans the SBA guarantees for small businesses, but there is so much more that the SBA does for small businesses.
The HUBZone certification is available to all small businesses located in Historically Underutilized Business Zones. There are no minority ownership requirements to gaining HUBZone approval. Acceptance into the HUBZone program allows small businesses access to many national sba contracts reserved exclusively for HUBZone participants.

Another popular SBA program is the 8(a) certification. 8(a) status is reserved for businesses that are majority controlled, 51 percent or more, by people from socially and economically disadvantaged groups. Normally, the SBA requires that a business exist under its current ownership for two years before 8(a) certification will be granted. The SBA will waive this time period, though, for businesses owned by individuals who can demonstrate extensive expertise in the chosen field of business, solid capitalization, successful execution of governmental and/or non governmental contracts and other general business acumen that demonstrate to the SBA that an 8(a) certified firm is likely to succeed.

After attaining 8(a) certification small businesses have access to billions of dollars of federal contracts set aside for 8(a) firms. Each of these sba contracts can be worth up to $3 million. This opportunity can last for as long as nine years after a business gets its 8(a) certification.

Another group that the SBA helps through 8(a) certification is Service Disabled Veterans of the US military. Any former member of the military with at least a 30 percent service disability can apply for 8(a) certification.

Ez8a helps firms that meet the 8(a) program requirements through the application process. From gathering the required documentation to writing the required narratives about the business owner(s), ez8a provides its client a full service solution for the 8(a) certification application process.

Ez8a spends a considerable amount of time with small business owners at the beginning of the 8(a) application process to ensure, to the greatest extent possible, successful 8(a) certification for our clients. We want to have the highest degree of confidence in your 8(a) certification as you have in your business. "Your business, your dreams" is not just a slogan. It is a mind set that ex8a believes makes us the best choice for our clients. 8(a) certification can be the springboard to long term success for small businesses.

Give us a call and let's see if 8(a) certification is the right thing to make your business more successful.

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