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SDVOSB Renewals

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Note: VOSB is essentially the same as SDVOSB certification with the exception of providing proof of VA disability rating.

SDVOSB certification is good for 3 years from the date the certification was issued. In order to remain eligible, all program participants must complete a renewal process. An approved renewal is good for 3 years from the new approval date. There are two types of renewals, "simplified" and "full document." Companies are permitted to use the simplified process every other renewal period (in other words, the next renewal period, after use of the simplified process, must be a full document renewal).

Ez8a's program analysts have the in-depth expertise to identify the correct renewals process, lead actions to generate and/or review required documents, and to update and post supporting documentation to the VA’s VetBiz website.

Both renewal types require updating of the owner information and the signing of a new VA Form 0877. The simplified renewal typically takes between 7 -14 days, while the full document review averages 4 weeks. An expired/gap in certification can have mild to severe consequences, so please allow sufficient time for the processing of the renewal. Companies with expired certification are not eligible for simplified renewal.

Simplified Renewal

ImageThe advantage of the simplified process is that other than the most recent two tax returns and board minutes, additional documents are only required when some type of change has occurred. Such as license renewals, new lease agreement, changes in ownership/directors, etc. Should the VA identify any negative findings, ez8a's support includes responding to the VA’s Pre-Determination Findings.

While we have succeeded in renewing some clients in as few as 2 days, the general time frame for annual revalidation is between 3 -7 days. If you have a particularly complex situation, all the more reason to call us for a free consultation. Unlike the other companies in the SAM registration and renewal marketplace, ez8a does not require payment details in advance of being available to answer your general questions. If this is an emergency rush situation, please be sure to state the urgency when you call.
SDVOSB Renewal (Simplified): $400.00 Buy Now

Full Document Renewal

This process essentially mirrors the initial application process. The documentation required by the VA is quite extensive as needed to validate the owner’s personal and business eligibility. The value provided by Ez8a goes well beyond document review. We are intimately familiar with the standards applied by the VA and ensure that the documents submitted offer the applicant the best chance to achieve success. Ez8a also drafts all correspondence as needed to respond to questions or negative findings presented by the VA’s reviewing officials.

Documentation required includes: Licenses (permits or accreditations) held by majority owner(s)and/or the company’s employees which are required to do business, resumes (for all owners, directors/partners/officers), federal tax form 1040 (for all owners with greater than 33% ownership share), payroll distribution ledger summary and W-2’s (Wage and Tax Statement) for preceding year and year-to-date, signature cards (authenticated by financial institutions) and cancelled checks from operating account(s), copies of most recent 5 contracts (and proposals), management agreements (to include building lease agreements), certificate of formation, operating agreements (including any amendments), and other, if required, documents (e.g. Joint Venture or Mentor–Protégé Agreement).
SDVOSB Renewal (Full Documentation): $1,950.00 Buy Now

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