Virginia – SWaM (Small, Women-owned, and Minority-owned Business)

Virginia - SWaM (SMALL, WOMEN-OWNED, and Minority-owned Business)

Program Summary

The program was established in 2006, to enhance business opportunities for SWaM (small, women- and minority-owned) businesses. SWaM includes a Small Business Set-Aside Program. It also requires state agencies and departments to enhance SWaM participation in procurement activities.

SWaM companies currently capture over 20% of total spend by the Commonwealth of Virginia (Over $1B annual prime/subcontractor combined). The certification is valid for 3 years (only 1 year for newly established business that has not yet submitted tax returns).


Basic Eligibility Criteria


  • At least 51% owned and controlled by a member or members of the following ethnicity groups (Asian American, African American, Hispanic American, Eskimo and/or Aleut, or Native American).
  • At least 51% owned and controlled by a woman or by women.
  • Company defined as a small business, which for Virginia means an independently owned and operated business which has 250 or fewer employees, or average annual gross receipts of $10 million (averaged over the past 3 years).
  • Must be a for-profit business entity.

*Additional minor eligibility criteria.

Typical Certification Applications

A high degree of commonality exists between the administrators for these programs. A summary of the key documents and processes was provided in the Overview Section for our State Unique programs.

Fee: $1,800.00 Buy Now

*Only $1000 when combined with 8(a) Certification

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