WOSB and EDWOSB Recertification
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Continued participation in the WOSB/EDWOSB program requires WOSB/EDWOSB companies to update their eligibility documents on an annual basis. The documents used to originally self-certify the company as WOSB/EDWOSB are maintained in the SBA’s Program Repository. These documents are accessed and reviewed by Contracting Officers (CO) to validate program eligibility. Due to the nature of this particular program, the majority of key documents to support eligibility must be updated annually. Since the documents are only validated by a CO, based upon evaluation or pre-award action(s), it is imperative that your documents fully support claimed eligibility. Ez8a’s review and upload of your documents provides this assurance. Ez8a will ensure that all required updated documents are posted to the WOSB Program Repository prior to your certification anniversary date. We will prevent your company from losing any contracts because of a failed documents audit by your CO or the SBA as the result of a bid review/evaluation or a bid protest.



ImageCorrect eligibility for this program is only validated upon the review of the documents by a Contracting Officer, based upon evaluation or pre-award action. Therefore, it is essential that all the mandatory documents have been updated as well as those documents that are business-type-specific or only required when certain changes have been made to the company’s ownership, etc. Documents include:


Standard Documents (for all recertification Applicants)

  • A copy of the company’s most recent Federal 941 Quarterly Payroll Tax Returns (or most recent W-3 Transmittal of Wage & Tax Statements).
  • A copy of the company’s most recent Federal Business Tax Returns (to include all schedules and statements)
  • Current Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement (annual financial reports).
  • Copies of W-2s and/or 1099s for every Owner, Officer, or Director who received compensation from the company during the last year.
  • A copy of the most current itemized employee payroll.

Company Type Document

  • For corporations: A copy of the most current Board of Directors Meeting Minutes as well as the most current Shareholder Meeting Minutes. In those cases in which the company/proprietorship has a sole owner and no formal meeting were held, then written declaration is required.

Situation Specific Documents

  • If the evidence used to support gender, for all female owner(s), has expired since the previous certification, then a current document is required (e.g. Driver's License).
  • If the evidence of U.S. Citizenship or Permanent Legal Resident Alien Status has expired since the previous certification, then a current document is required (e.g. Birth Certificate).
  • Documentation regarding any transfers of assets to/from the firm or between Owners, Officers, and Directors.
  • New/updated resumes for all Owners, Officers and Directors.
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*otherwise EDWOSB is the same as the WOSB

  • Personal Financial Statement. Each owner claiming disadvantaged status must complete SBA Standard Form (SF) 413. This document and its supporting documentation are typically at 20+ pages. Often value estimates must be generated to support asset valuations or real estate ownership equity. All source of income must be properly listed as well as all assets and liabilities as needed to calculate total personal net worth. There are considerable nuances to correctly complete of the SF 413-let our subject matter experts (to include on in-house CPA) ensure yours is both accurate and compliant.
  • Personal Financial Disclosures (supporting documentation to SF 413). Each owner claiming disadvantaged status must provide a Personal Financial Disclosures document.
  • Each owner claiming economic disadvantage status must provide a copy of their most recent personal tax returns (to include all schedules, attachments and supporting 1099 forms).
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