Alliant SB (Small Business)/Alliant 3 SB

Alliant 3 is a Multiple Award, Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract that provides IT solutions over a broad array of services. The contract has three Labor Categories (LCATs)

Alliant 3 Small Business is a large opportunity for firms in these industries. Alliant 2 Small Businesses averaged $17.2M over the past five years in sales and was therefore a major win for firms that participated in this contracting vehicle.

FEE: $6,000

Alliant 2 Small Business Sales Stats

Alliant 2 SB Total Sales 1.4B
# of Firm 81
Average Sales 17.2M

Alliant 2 Small Business Stats by Year

2019 2020 2021* 2022* 2023*
Alliant 2 SB Sales 637.5M 519.1M 125.9M 70.3M 41.7M
# Firms 81 81 81 81 81
Avg. Sales 7.9M 6.4M 1.6M .87M .5M
*GWACs hit the spending ceiling and spending on the contracting vehicle greatly slow down

Note: Alliant 3 will not have a ceiling for the master contract which will allow it to avoid the contract burnout experienced by Alliant 2 small businesses.

Alliant 3 Scope of Work

The scope of the Master Contract includes every conceivable aspect of IT Services, including but not limited to:

Alliant 3 Scope of Work
3-D Printing Integration Digital Process Automation Quantum Computing / Networking / Machine Learning
Agile Development Distributed Ledger Robotic Process Automation
Artificial Intelligence Energy and Sustainability Measurement and Management Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)
Biometrics /Identity Management Enterprise App Stores and Mobile Security Sensors, Devices and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Cloud Computing Enterprise Resource Planning Shared IT Services
Context-aware Computing Integration Services Software Development
Critical Infrastructure Protection and Information Assurance Internet of Things Virtualization
Cyber Security IPV6 Migration & Upgrades Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)
Cyber Security Mesh IT Helpdesk, Operations, or Maintenance Web Analytics
Data Centers and Data-Center Consolidation IT Services for Healthcare Web Application & Maintenance
Data Fabric IT Services for Integrated Total Workplace Environment Web Services
Decision Intelligence Mobile-Centric Application Development, Operations and Management Web Hosting
Digital Government Modeling and Simulation XR (Extended Reality) - Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR) / Mixed Reality (MR)
Digital Trust and Identity Integration and Management Network Operations, Infrastructure, and Service Oriented Architecture Zero-trust Networks
Digitization and Imaging Open-Source Integration and Customization

Alliant 3 Labor Categories

Alliant 3 will have three Labor Category Types, Standard IT Service, Non-Standard IT Services and Ancillary Services.

(1) Standard IT Services LCATs

Standard IT Service LCATs – This labor category type included below will contain four (4) skill levels, which we will explain in another section.

Alliant 3 Labor Categories*
1. Business Intelligence Analyst
2. Computer and Information Research Scientist
3. Computer and Information Research Scientist
4. Computer Hardware Engineer
5. Computer Network Architect
6. Computer Network Support Specialist
7. Computer Operator
8. Computer Programmer
9. Computer Systems Analyst
10. Computer Systems Engineer/Architect
11. Computer User Support Specialist
12. Data Scientist
13. Database Administrator
14. Data Warehousing Specialist
15. Database Architect
16. Document Management Specialist
17. Geographic Information Systems Technician
18. Geographic Information Systems Technician
19. Information Security Analyst
20. Information Technology Project Manager
21. Management Analyst
22. Network and Computer Systems Administrator
23. Software Developer Applications
24. Software Quality Assurance Engineer and Tester
25. Technical Writer
26. Telecommunications Engineering Specialist
27. Equipment Installer and Repairer
28. Training and Development Specialist
29. Video Game Designer
30. Web Administrator
31. Web and Digital Interface Designer
32. Web and Digital Interface Designer
Web and Digital Interface Designer

Labor Categories Not Listed

(2) Non-Standard IT Service LCATs

This labor category type includes any IT Service labor category that is not listed within the Standard IT Service LCATs.

(3) Ancillary Service LCATs

This labor category type includes ancillary labor support and does not include any of the defined Standard IT Service LCATs or Non-Standard IT Service LCATs. Ancillary Service LCATs may be used only when the principal purpose of the Task Order is to furnish IT services-based solutions.

Alliant 3 Skill Levels (4) for Each Labor Category

  • JUNIOR: This is the lowest rate for the labor category. In this position the person applies fundamental concepts, processes, practices, and procedures to technical assignments. Performs work that requires practical experience and training. Work is performed under supervision.

  • JOURNEYMAN: This is for someone with more experience than a Journeyman. The labor rate for this position typically is a factor 1.25x-1.30x higher than a junior skill level position. A person in this position should possess and apply expertise on multiple complex work assignments. Assignments may be broad in nature, requiring originality and innovation in determining how to accomplish tasks. Operates with appreciable latitude in developing methodology and presenting solutions to problems. Contributes to deliverables and performance metrics where applicable.

  • SENIOR: This position has many years of experience in this roll. This position usually has a compensation factor 1.55x-1.60x greater than a junior position. This person should possess and apply comprehensive knowledge across key tasks and high impact assignments. Plans and leads major technology assignments. Evaluates performance results and recommends major changes affecting short- term project growth and success. Functions as a technical expert across multiple project assignments. In many cases is supervising others.

  • SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT (SME): This is the highest level in the labor category. This person has a compensation factor that is generally 1.90x-2.10x greater than a junior level employee. In this role they provide technical/management leadership on major tasks or technology assignments. Establishes goals and plans that meet project objectives. Has domain and expert technical knowledge. Directs and controls activities for a client, having overall responsibility for financial management, methods, and staffing to ensure that technical requirements are met. Interactions involve client negotiations and interfacing with senior management. Decision-making and domain knowledge may have a critical impact on overall project implementation. This position is also likely to be in a supervisor role to others.

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