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8(a) Startup Firm Strategies

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Startup Firm Overview

The 8(a) program is not designed for startup firms; the SBA fails new firms for “likelihood of success” issues frequently. A business must have filed at least one Federal Tax Return before the SBA will begin to consider the company for 8(a) certification.

The minimum timeframe, therefore, is approximately 12 -16 months before any startup is ready to apply for 8(a) certification. If you are starting a new firm, and would like your firm to be able to submit a successful application in the minimum timeframe possible, ez8a can help.


Service Offering

Our managing partner will have a consultation with your firm to uncover any issues you currently have that may impede eventual 8(a) certification. Often times, mistakes made in starting up a business can delay an 8(a) application for over 2 years.

Image Obviously, this is a significantly longer period than the 12 -16 months the firm would have waited had they consulted with a professional initially when setting up the business. Even a failed 8(a) application may not reveal all of the critical errors in your package that was submitted to the SBA.

We strongly suggest that if you are sincerely interested in applying for 8(a) Certification, now or down the road, you contact an ez8a consultant immediately.

Some of the Areas Reviewed:

  • Ownership Interests
  • Affiliated Entity Issues
  • Revenue Structure and Sources
  • Debt Structure
  • Management Control Issues
  • Employee Compensation
  • Primary Owners Resume
  • Likelihood of Firm Success
  • Primary Owners net income and net worth considerations
  • Relatives
  • Contract Issues
  • Company Bylaws
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