8a Pre-Qualification Tool- Qualify Yourself in 3-Minutes

8(a) Pre-Qualification Tool

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8(a) Qualifications

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Step 1

Social Disadvantaged

Pass Issue Fail Incomplete Clarifications

Clarification 1: People with Heritage from the Iberian Peninsula (Spain/Portugal) are considered Hispanic for proving social disadvantage.

Clarification 2: People from the Middle East and North Africa can successfully apply, however they need a solid narrative.

Clarification 3: Native Alaskans, and Hawaiians often overlook their social disadvantage status.

Clarification 4: The Social Disadvantaged Individual or group of individuals needs to own 51% or more of the firm.

Is the 51% owner(s) of the firm U.S. Citizens

Is 25% or more of your blood heritage from a minority group or do you have a tribal card from a state or federally recognized Native American Indian Tribe?

All 4 areas must be passed in order to be fully eligible for 8(a) certification.

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