Common Questions about 8a Program, Most asked 8a questions

Frequently Asked Questions


1) Are there things I need to get done before applying to become 8(a) certified?

Yes – evaluate the following: *If you are considering changing your name, do it before you apply as it gets more complicated once your name is in all the government databases. *Not that it needs to get done before you apply, but it is important to start building alliances with other 8(a) firms as soon as possible. Once you are certified you want to be able to start getting work as soon as possible, and that will be best done as a subcontractor or vendor for other firms. *If you are not a corporation or an LLC, you should have that completed before applying.

2) Can a Caucasian female really get certified?

The simple answer is "yes," although it is difficult. Handicap business owners and woman business owners can get certified especially since the SBA lowered the standard to "preponderance of evidence." Please call and we can discuss your case.

3) How long does it take to get my certification?

It takes a lot of companies over a year to get certified and approximately 70 percent of all applications to the SBA are rejected. Almost all of them face at least one challenge during the process. We typically get companies certified in 45 days although it can take up to 90 days and we have had some certified in as little as 25 days. We will stay on top of your application and push it along in our process as fast as possible; we know how important time is.

4) How will ez8a help to get me certified faster than I can?

The short answer is that we are organized, know what the SBA wants and will make it easier for you. We are able to get the things we need from you in very little time. We also reduce application returns and challenges. Moreover, we prevent fatal flaws that will prevent you from ever getting certified. It takes a lot of companies over a year to get certified and approximately 70 percent of all applications to the SBA are rejected. Almost all applicants face at least one challenge during the process. This is how ez8a is able to speed the process up so much -by eliminating the errors. The SBA will commonly challenge an application that is perfectly okay but just unorganized if they do not see the form because it was not where they expected it. We will make your application with a table of contents and in a tabbed format that will eliminate this problem. We know every detail of what the SBA wants to see in your package and will make sure it is there, in a logical place, and compliant with their regulations. This will get your application done fast!

5) In writing my socially disadvantaged narrative, how do I find supporting documentation?

The more supporting documentation you can find the better. We look everywhere for support. Look for old court documents, get personal statements from old and current colleagues, neighbors, friends and anyone who supports your case. Search the internet for any news about the neighborhood you are from and check the archives of the local newspapers. This is a time-consuming part of the process but do not sell yourself short. Supporting documents are the way to make your story strong.

6) Is my business a "Small Business"?

The U.S. Small Business Administration adjusts the number of annual sales and/or employees that a company must be under to qualify as a small business according to the company's North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code. Click here to see a table of the NAICS codes and annuals sales and employee limitations.

7) Once I get my 8(a) approval letter, am I good to start getting government contracts?

Once you get that great letter in the mail, you still need to meet with an SBA specialist in your local SBA office. You should download and already have completed a form 1010C plan before you go to the initial meeting with your SBA specialist, or you will get further delayed.

8) What is my NAICS code?

For a complete listing of NAICS codes click the link below:

9) Why is ez8a so inexpensive?

Since we have specialization in 8(a) and related services we have been able to leverage technology and staffing levels to create market-leading efficiencies. This enables us to bring you the best services at the best prices in the market.

10) Will my credit affecte my application?

For the most part, no. The SBA understands that people and businesses have hard times or make mistakes that may show up on your report. As long as that is your only problem, do not worry about it. On the other hand, if you have lots of unpaid bills or unpaid taxes it will hurt your application. The SBA does not want a company in the program that is going to be hurting the agencies that contract with it or its vendors.

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