GSA Modification Services

Our typical Client Enjoys $1,200 in savings over the Industry Standard.

We have over a 100 clients which we provide GSA Modification Services as well as, Quarterly and Annual Compliance Services.
Saving by utilizing our Hourly Rate vs Standard Industry Practice Flat Fee:
Fee Structure Typical Annual Fee Normal Time Commitment Effective Hourly Rate
Standard Industry Practice $2,500 12 Hours $208 hr
Utilizing our Services $1,300 12 Hours $113 hr
ImageCost savings by utilizing an hourly rate is usually around 50% of the annual modification cost.
Our typical client at $1,300 will utilize the following:
  1. Two mods a year for, including any mass mods (8 hours)
  2. All four IFF (Industrial Funding Fee) reports including reminders (4 hours)
Note: If the client has only one modification that year the total cost is usually approximately $850/yr.
Our Services Offerings:
GSA Schedule Contract Modifications
Acknowledge and incorporate MASS Modifications as needed
Draft Authorized Negotiator Modifications as needed
Guide client on the upload of the signed Authorized Negotiator Modification to eMod as needed
Review Modification Evaluation Criteria
Provide Client with a list of required documents
Prepare, submit, and negotiate the approval of Contract Modifications as needed and as authorized by our client.
Modifications included in this Agreement are limited to the following types:
  • Administrative
  • Price Reductions
  • Economic Price Adjustments
  • Addition of Special Item Numbers under MOBIS and/or FABS
  • Addition/Deletion of Services and/or Products manufactured by Client that fall under MOBIS and/or FABS SINs

Provide the client with a copy of their updated GSA Schedule Contract
Ongoing GSA Schedule Contract Maintenance & Advisement
Conduct conference calls with GSA as required
Conduct status calls to discuss pending/upcoming modifications, changes at GSA, and client questions
Review changes in service or commercial product offerings, pricing, or policies to determine their effect on the clients GSA Schedule Contract provisions
Provide GSA Schedule Contract subject matter expertise as needed in relation to GSA contract administration, sales, reporting, and compliance, the topics include:
  • Basis of Award (“BOA”)/Most Favored Customer (“MFC”), (if applicable)
  • GSA Contractor Assessment Visit (“CAV”) Preparation & Virtual Attendance (if applicable)
  • GSA Schedule Contract Order Process
  • MASS Modifications
  • New Initiatives at GSA
  • Online Tools & Resources
  • Price Reductions Clause (“PRC”), (if applicable)
  • Pricing, Discounting Policies, & Commercial Sales Practices (if applicable)
  • Sales Reporting & Industrial Funding Fee (“IFF”)
  • Small Business Subcontracting Plan & eSRS Reporting (if applicable)
  • System for Award Management (“SAM”) Updates
GSA Schedule Contract Extension
Review Client’s GSA Contract extension package requirements, expectations, and timeline
Provide advisement and assist in the acceptance of mass modifications as needed
Prepare GSA Contract extension with client’s authorization
Conduct an Extension Package Review teleconference with client to:
  • Finalize details of extension package and receive approval/signature prior to submission to GSA
  • Provide Client with a full copy of draft extension package to be submitted to GSA
  • Discuss Post-Submission Process
  • Upload extension package to GSA eMod
  • Guide Client through submission of an extension package
  • Proactively track the status of extension package throughout the negotiation process
  • Field correspondence with Contracting Officer through the approval of GSA Contract extension
  • Advise Client on appropriate responses to any requests from GSA for information/clarification
  • Prepare written responses to requests from GSA for information/clarification to be approved and signed by Client as needed
  • Conduct re-negotiations with GSA and meet/teleconference with client to discuss re-negotiations as needed
GSA Advantage
Convert existing GSA Schedule Contract data to the required format for GSA Advantage!
Check line items to make certain all non-compliant codes are withdrawn from the files and perform a final review of every line item prior to the upload
Upload Client product or text file
The client is responsible for notifying of any communication regarding GSA Advantage! Uploads, in the event changes are required, we will re-evaluate, review, and re-upload files to GSA
Perform GSA Advantage! functions with modifications accepted by GSA, i.e. addition, price reduction, and/or deletion of products
Fee: Hourly Rate $113 per hour

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