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Free Consultation

Reasons to Make the Free Call

Talking to an Experience Professional

In our over 20 years of service to our clients we have found that what is important to most business owners is that they get to stay focused on their business, rather than spend time and/or resources to comb through the rules and nuances associated with the assembly and submission of an 8(a) application. On a weekly basis, we provide dozens of free consultations to go over the qualifications for 8(a) with small business owners.

A Free Fifteen-Minute Call With Us Can Save You Hours Of Research!

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As Part of the Call Additional Information, We Will Review…

We Will Advise on Other Certifications Based Upon Your Firm’s Goals. We will also work with your firm during this call to see if your firm has other business objectives that might make another certification an important add on to the true business objective of your firm. There are a wide array of available federal, state and local programs, that we can discuss as part of this call.

If You Want to Move Past the 20 min call – Next Step No Obligation 2-hour Call

Those prospective clients who are well-positioned to be good candidates for 8(a) or other certifications, our next step before moving forwards would be to have a “deep-dive” consultation with our senior partner, Mark Ryan. He will spend 2 hours discussing your business, its eligibility, as well as your strategic goals. He will also double check eligibility and prepare a detailed document checklist as well as go over best practices strategy for how you can obtain business once you enter the 8(a) program.

To learn more about Mark Ryan and his background, please click the link below.

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Gain Certainty In Your 8(a) Investment

At the conclusion of the consultation with Mark, he will provide you with his assessment as to the likelihood of your company achieving 8(a) certification. This information is vital in determining if this is a good time and financial investment decision for your company.

After this Free Consultation process you can move forward knowing our success rates for application is very strong. “High expectations” for a successful outcome, give you the ability to make strategic plans based upon eventual approval into the 8(a) program. Our testimonials illustrate our honest and sincere approach to all our applicant clients, and the high likelihood of approval of an 8(a) submission with our company.

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Example Questions we Will Need the Answers to in the initial 15-Minute Call

How many years have you been in business (generating revenue)?

Have you been in business for 2 or more years (at least two tax returns)?

Last year, were your sales greater than $100K?

How many people are employed at your company?

Do you have current financial statements (or are you able to get them)?

Is your company a for-profit company that is currently showing a profit as well as owners’ equity?

Is your company the actual provider of the product or service being marketed, such as is the case with construction, landscaping, information technology, manufacturing, security, office support services, consulting, etc.? Brokers are not permitted, while distributors and retail companies are typically authorized.

Are all the people that make up majority ownership of the company citizens of the United States?

Is the majority owner hold the top management position and provide strategic leadership for the company?

Do all the people that make up majority ownership of the company work full-time for the company?

Is the company owned partially or by another company (e.g., the company is a subsidiary or may go by a DBA [“do businesses as”])?

Additional Information Regarding Free Assessment

This free consultation will save you many hours when compared with try to read government regulations and legal precedence and trying to figure it out on your own. When you call, please expect to be asked questions regarding the financial status of your company, your ethnicity or justification for social disadvantage, as well as some personal financial questions. All questions asked are related to 8(a) program eligibility (non-disclosure agreements may be signed in advance of any conversation, as requested by the potential client.) Prior review of the pre-qualification questions, along with any and/or all of the above-listed questions, will provide you with some advance key insight into the process prior to placing your free initial consultation call. But please don’t be afraid to call as we are always happy to help!

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