GSA Schedule Contract Advantages

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Obtaining a GSA Schedule will give your business new access to business with the U.S. federal government. When applying for a GSA Schedule your firm must work with a member of the General Services Administration called a PSO or Program Secretarial Officer. It is critical that the application be completed in a timely and professional manner so that the PSO views that GSA Scheduling firm as a professional organization.

GSA 8a Advantage

A GSA Schedule combined with an 8(a) Certification can give a business a substantial edge over the competition. This is because the 8(a) company receives a 10% pricing advantage over non-8(a) firms.


The General Services Administration places a very high level of scrutiny on firms applying to be on any given GSA Schedule. The reason for this is because once a firm has been placed upon a GSA Schedule they can sell to any branch of the federal government. Those branches of the federal government work under the assumption that the firm can legitimately provide the good or service in which they are on the schedule and are also providing the government the firms best pricing.


A GSA Schedule from a practical standpoint is similar to an 8(a) Certification in that the amount of time that is required to learn the process for obtaining a GSA Schedule warrants hiring an outside expert. A consulting firm will have approximately 200 hours into a GSA Schedule where a person attempting to learn how to complete a GSA Schedule from start to finish generally requires 4 -5x this amount of time; that is if they are able to complete the project at all.


  1. SAM Registration – if needed.
  2. Analysis of appropriate GSA RFPs in which to bid that will yield the best results for the firm.
  3. GSA schedule supporting documentation assistance.
  4. Consult with all sections of GSA solicitation.
  5. Professional writers review and format submitted documents.
  6. Compiling key pricing data for GSA compliance.
  7. Developing proper GSA contract rates with firm management.
  8. Advisory services for communication with GSA schedule PSO.
  9. Proposal submission to the GSA Assisting negotiations with the GSA.
  10. Explanation of GSA PSO tactics as well as an overview of what to expect from GSA contracting officers.
  11. Uploading approved GSA schedule to the GSA Advantage Database the final step.
  12. Developing a marketing strategy for specific targeted governmental agencies which use the services your firm has been placed upon a schedule for.


GSA Schedule: $6,800.00 Buy Now
1st Large Category – up to 3 SINs within that category
2nd GSA Schedule: $3,900.00 Buy Now
2nd Large Category – up to 3 additional SINs within that category
Additional GSA Schedule SINs over 3: $600.00 Buy Now
Normal GSA Modification Cost $113/hr: Buy Now
GSA 5-Year Renewal $113/hr: Buy Now

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